07 February, 2010

Kyri-what? My Position On Newcomers, Trolls, And Those With A Different Opinion.

In my previous post on language, I said:

As this is a blog that inspects and criticizes the kyriarchy, I will not permit them.

It occurred to that not every reader of this blog is necessarily going to understand the terminology I frequently use. On that note, I thought I should discuss this blog's approach to newcomers to either the feminist or animal rights blogospheres (or, maybe, both).

I'm aware that a significant amount of the more mainstream and/or larger blogs tend to hold more advanced discussions, and may not, on the surface, seem terribly newbie-friendly. I understand the reasoning behind this: when one wishes to have an indepth discussion on a matter that necessitates a certain amount of sociological knowledge, it can be frustrating to have to derail discussions in order to explain to newcomers what specific terms or concepts mean (and perhaps get into an argument about the finer details of said terms or concepts). However, I'd like to make this blog as welcoming as I possibly can to readers of all levels. Whether you are a veteran of either ideologies and discussions on the blogosphere, or you're completely new to all of it, you are welcome here.

If you read my work, and do not understand concepts or terms that I use, please comment. I will be happy to provide explanations and links so that your experience here is enhanced. From my personal experience of both blogospheres, I believe that blogs with similar policies can, on occasion, be taken advantage of by trolls. However, if any reader does have an opinion that differs from mine, go ahead and voice it. You are welcome to discuss your beliefs and values with me and other readers; I will not dismiss another simply because we have different ideologies. The only time that this policy is rendered void is if you cease to respect me, other commenters, and the fact that this place is a safe space (which is why discriminative language is not tolerated).

The bottom line is that everyone is absolutely welcome here, insofar as respect is granted where it is due. If you're not entirely sure what that means, please ask.

For the sake of inclusion, I will link to explanations, or I will include an explanation myself, if I believe readers may not understand the words or concepts I am using. For example:

Kyriarchy is a neologism coined by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza. It developed as a response to the limited use of the word 'patriachy' to accurately depict the overarching or intersecting structures of oppression and domination prevalent in the western world. If I recall correctly, Lisa over at My Ecdysis introduced the word to the feminist blogosphere in this brilliant post, 'Accepting Kyriachy, Not Apologies':

Let me break this down for you. When people talk about patriarchy and then it divulges into a complex conversation about the shifting circles of privilege, power, and domination -- they're talking about kyriarchy. When you talk about power assertion of a White woman over a Brown man, that's kyriarchy. When you talk about a Black man dominating a Brown womyn, that's kyriarchy.

Definitely go ahead and read that post. I find the term far more appropriate than 'patriarchy', and will generally prefer it over the latter. It's been immensely helpful in clarifying my feminist thoughts and writings, and I highly promote its usage as much as possible.
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