19 January, 2010

Ladystachette? An Introduction, And An Explanation.

Hi. I'm Ladystachette. I'm a teenage feminist with a penchant for animal rights. Feminism isn't often discussed in the online animal rights sector; likewise, animal rights isn't a topic that seems to concern most in the feminist blogosphere. I intend to write about why both of these beliefs are, contrary to popular opinion, compatible with each other, and why both are so important in the western world.

For those curious about the name, Ladystachette is a moniker pulled from the following passage in this post:

Ladystaches of course, are those little faint moustaches we ladies get that kind of perch on the corner regions of our upper lip. They are not serious, nor are they something to get all obsessed about and start peering at your face in your compact at 45 degree angles in sunlight every chance you get and go create a blog called Ladystachette or anything wild like that. No, no, no.

I forget how I stumbled upon the blog (such places aren't my usual haunts), but the post was front and foremost at the time. Evidently, the term was a joke, but I nonetheless found it an appropriate alias to use in the feminist blogosphere with precisely the right amount of sarcasm. God forbid a woman show off her ladystache with pride, no?

I have considered myself a feminist for a number of years. In the time since that post was written, however, my beliefs concerning non-human animals have become just as important to me. Unfortunately, I have not come across any sites or blogs that hold both these philosophies of equal importance. In my experience, the current western feminist movement is not largely concerned with the welfare of animals. Conversely, the western animal rights movement is rife with misogyny, ableism, transphobia, racism, and other forms of discrimination that feminism is dedicated to ending. I believe that this needn't be the case.

It is time for those who believe that no human or non-human animal should suffer needlessly to speak out. I intend to do just that, and hope that this blog will foster the kind of conversation needed to spurn action, build bridges, and, ultimately, create tangible change.

I will discuss my particular brands of feminism and animal rights abolitionism at length at a later date. Until then, however, I ask that you consider the intent of this blog, and if it appeals to you.

Love, Ladystachette.


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