20 March, 2010

Quote Of The Day: Emilie Autumn

Emilie with one of her rats, Basil.
I've never written anything quite as literal as Morrissey's "Meat Is Murder," but there is an overriding theme of the underdog fighting back in most of what I write, and I personally equate that premise to both feminism and animal rights. I know it may sound strange to connect the two, but I'm going to try and explain the way I see it. To start, I'm going to go ahead and be a total pompous ass and quote Gandhi for a second: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Now, a society's treatment of animals is closely related to their treatment of women, and the fact that I don't like the way that sounds doesn't make it any less true. The way a society treats its animals has a direct and glaringly obvious connection to its treatment of women because inhumane is inhumane is inhumane, and the attitudes of the ruling class (or gender in this case) on one creature considered inferior are the attitudes it extends toward all things considered such.

And so is it any wonder that regarding women and animals, in our present "civilized" society, the greatest of evils are still enacted upon both? At least when a cow is slaughtered, it isn't personal. When a woman is abused, it usually is, and this is something I write about constantly.
- Emilie Autumn, on whether any of her songs touch upon animal rights.

This one's from Emilie's interview with PETA, which I highly advise you all to check out. I dislike PETA with some intensity, but I adore Emilie as a musician, with her veganism and animal rights views a huge bonus for me. If you have any interest in alternative music (say, industrial metal with violins?), you might wish to look up Emilie herself. I went to one of her concerts a few nights ago, and it was nothing short of amazing.

The photo above comes from Emilie's official website.


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